Doing Fashion Graduate Show 2016

Type of Work:    Live-Broadcast, Animation

Employer:          Institute of Fashion Design, FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland

Published:         Livestream, (March 12th, 2016); Video, Vimeo (March 2016)

Main Credits:     Broadcast: Technical Concept: Linda Dagli Orti, Fabian Kempter, Suresh Surenthiran; Direction 

and Preproduction: Linda Dagli Orti; Editor: Laurids Jensen

Show Credits: Creative Direction: Priska Morger; Art Direction: Matthias Waldhart; Show production: Kurt Zihlmann, Claudia Zuber; Styling, Casting & Consulting: Yasmina Haddad; Lighting and Stage Design: Djana Covic, Nico de Rooji; Choreography: Alexandra Bachzetsis; Show direction: Sabine Lauber; Lead Make-up: Martena Duss; Lead Hair: Marco de Piccoli; Sound: Alexander Ebner; Graphic Design: Claudia Basel