Don’t belt up. Unstrap yourself!

Type of Work:   Video

Employer:         Institute of Fashion Design, FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland

Published:        Arts of Fashion Foundation: Symposium 2016, “Unequal”, San Francisco (October 24th, 2016)

Main Credits:    Morger, Priska (Creative Direction, Concept); Dagli Orti, Linda (Video Designer, Editor); 

                         Keller, Swen (Camera Priska Morger, Institute and Campus); Haddad, Yasmina (Photography)

This project was produced to emphasize Priska Morger‘s talk at the Arts of Fashion Foundation Symposium on Monday, October 24th 2016. With the title „Don‘t belt up. Unstrap yourself!“, she presented her vision of the Institute of Fashion Design at HGK FHNW to contribute to the Symposium‘s title „Unequal“. The video‘s visual quality was to expressly underline Priska Morger‘s statement.